The Recipe for Your SUCCESS in English and LIFE

1. Learn how to really make it work: Learning out of awareness with tracking and scaling tools.
2. Quality vs Quantity: Increase the level of English proficiency. Decrease hours of useless practice.
3. Celebrate your mistakes. Increase your confidence. Achieve results beyond your original goals.
4. Learn how to make time to practice English. Create hours of weekly practice in your schedule.
5. Learn how to study, practice and communicate in English with the closest people around you.
6. Asset vs Liability: Learn how to turn your learning into lifetime fun instead of a list of chores.
7. Learn how to make it simple. English mastery isn't a rocket science.
8. Become your own teacher: Learn how to teach yourself and your children.
9. Learn how to master the English knowledge you need for your progress in work and social life.
10. Learn how to create and present unforgettable spectacular presentations in English.

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