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My name is Alon Stiklaro, and I am known as Alon Stiklaro Be GREAT in English, or also as "The English Mentor" and "The English Coach - Your English Teacher and Counselor".
I founded my English school with the goal of enabling you to fulfill yourself in life the way you want, so that English will never be the reason that blocks you from
moving forward, rather, on the contrary - that English will be the reason why your advancement in all areas of life will come.

I am here to give you the value of easy access to the international language and enable for you the learning process that will change your quality of life!

My vision is to allow access to you, and to every person in the world to acquire, learn, improve, and master English language knowledge and skills and to move forward in life.
To reach your goals and develop your English skills, translates to allow you access to the quality of life you've always wanted. Your success and living a meaningful life you always wanted is what drives me, what makes me happy and brings my joy and true meaning for life.
Having promoted tens of thousands of students and hundreds of schools over 17 years, I decided to open my own school, to reach people all over the world. To enable them to have the quality of life which they seek to find.

My mission is to enable you to be the writer and the editor of your own life's story, and not to get caught and live in someone else’s story. Therefore, I created the digital course "Skills" that elevates your English skills and gives you the tools to teach yourself after you finish the course. I created individual lessons and programs so you can reach your destination. I also created group learning online so we can get the real support you need to develop your English skills that you learned in the digital courses and reach your full potential.

The course and our methodology are true game changers.
It is my gift for you and for me, to make sure that your success in English is unquestionable.
Start your success right now!

The Recipe for Your SUCCESS in English and LIFE

1. Learn how to really make it work: Learning out of awareness with tracking and scaling tools.
2. Quality vs Quantity: Increase the level of English proficiency. Decrease hours of useless practice.
3. Celebrate your mistakes. Increase your confidence. Achieve results beyond your original goals.
4. Learn how to make time to practice English. Create hours of weekly practice in your schedule.
5. Learn how to study, practice and communicate in English with the closest people around you.
6. Asset vs Liability: Learn how to turn your learning into lifetime fun instead of a list of chores.
7. Learn how to make it simple. English mastery isn't a rocket science.
8. Become your own teacher: Learn how to teach yourself and your children.
9. Learn how to master the English knowledge you need for your progress in work and social life.
10. Learn how to create and present unforgettable spectacular presentations in English.

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  • Online classes via Google / Zoom
  • Digital English mastery courses
  • Life changing workshops
  • Learning soft skills in English
  • Spoken fluency of English
  • Listening comprehension
  • Exposure to interesting and valid knowledge for personal growth
  • Strengthening self-confidence and personal resilience to engage in conversations
  • Preparation for a job interview in the English
  • Preparation for daily use of English at work
  • Learning and strengthening writing skills in English
  • Books and booklets
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  • Blog Articles
  • Webinars & Conferences
  • Digital English proficiency courses
  • Short and very useful videos
  • Books, worksheets and goal-oriented exercises
  • Recommended sites and valuable resources online
  • Free sharing in our Personal Achievement Corner
Break Your Fears
Empower Your Voice - Be GREAT In English
Speak English with CONFIDENCE
Step forward to engage in international meetings wth Alon Stiklaro
  •  28/06/2024 16:00
  • Online Event

Unite with your family for an enriching experience as you improve your English proficiency in a warm and supportive environment.

  •  20/06/2024 16:00
  • Online Event

Break Your F.E.A.Rs and become an impressive successful person who can willingly present himself / herself to other people in English.

 Skills - Online Digital Courses 
Skills digital courses that take away English proficiency, speaking, listening and vocabulary and the skills to use them in dimensions never seen before. It guarantees 100% results because the course teaches the English language and how to independently learn the English language at the same time. The course is designed for the intermediate level - for people who understand spoken and written English, can speak to some extent even if it is difficult for them. In other words: institutional English left over from school and continuing education.
Skills 2 - Control The 5 English Elements
The full part 1 digital English course
10 Principles to Reach Your Goals
  1. Conscious learning: You will know how to choose and prepare your materials, based on personal or occupational considerations.
  2. Methodology: Acquire methods and tools for success in business, work, studies and social life.
  3. Have fun: The lectures are fun! You will learn how to use English for fun.
  4. Professionalism: Uncompromising professionalism and precise adaptation of the content to the program's participants.
  5.  Mental training: Strengthening and raising personal resilience and self-confidence: speak and write with confidence!
  6. Chronical learning: Repetitions, repetitions, repetitions and more repetitions. You will remember everything you'll get here!
  7. Change your mindset: Removing limiting beliefs from your past: Everyone can master the English language.
  8. Efficiency: Maximum quality success with the minimum time you will ever see.
  9. The right resources: Meticulous selection of content according to the interests and needs of the participants.
  10. What really matters: Vocabulary and development of English language skills in the center of our teaching. Don't waste your time on energy draining distractions. 
Information about the three courses: Skills - Control Your English Course
How to learn and remember 80 words every week